Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Very Flower Pot St. Patty's Day

We didn't have the blog on St. Patrick's day, but what we did have was fun! I thought I'd share our photos. Better late then never!

Always willing to pull a publicity stunt we decided we would ask local entrepeneur, Gregg White (former owner of Nama and La Costa restaurants) to walk the streets of Knoxville as a flower delivery leprochaun. It turned out that most of the publicity was awarded to Gregg but it was a great time and we did at least get our name mentioned in this article:

Gregg White, leprechaun, and Allison Easterday, attorney, share their St. Patty's day cheer outside The Flower Pot

Gregg attracts attention from the ladies as he delivers flowers to the offices at 21st Mortgage.

Mary Beth & Gina hanging out at the Crown & Goose after work.
Gina enjoys a green beverage.

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