Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5 Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers

Last night the Flower Pot gang attended a care and handling seminar. We learned so much we thought we'd we would pass along some great tips that you can use at home to make your flowers last longer.

1) Disinfect the vase or container that holds your flowers with household disinfectant or bleach. If you bought the flowers already arranged at The Flower Pot then your vase has already been disinfected, although you may want to do this process several days after you bring your flowers home.

2) Refresh the water in your vase or container every other day. We learned last night, "If you wouldn't drink it, neither will your flowers." Bacteria can grow among the stems dirty water so its important to give your flowers a a fresh drink. Some homemade remedies for keeping water purer and staving off bacteria growth include placing a copper penny, tablet of aspirin, vinegar, lemon, or vodka in the vase.

3) Re-cut the stems of the flowers. A few days after being cut, the bottom inch or so of a stem will dry up and die, even in water. If the tip of the stem is dead then water can't get to the part of the stem that is still living so its important to cut off the dead and make room for the living. If you cut the stem at an angle it provides more surface area for the stem to soak up water.

4) If you are arranging the flowers yourself be sure that your vase is not over-crowded. Flowers do better and are happier when they have a little breathing room~ just like us!

5) Feed your flowers. An easy way to do this without flower food is to place a sugar cube or 1 tsp. sugar in your water. In nature, a plant uses photosynthesis to convert sunlight into energy so you are simulating that process by providing the flower with the necessary nutrients and energy to live longer.

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