Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Flower Pot on Green Urbanite

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This is the recycling section of our green ‘lil why, do you ask, am I writing about a flower shop?! Well, it was recycling, in fact, that first brought my attention to The Flower Pot.

Located on the corner of Church and S. Gay is a cute little flower shop with a sign out front that welcomes you in for free flowers if your name is this or that * (each day they present 2 first names that get a free flower) If you are lucky enough to stop by on a Friday, you get a cupcake!

As I peered through their large store front window, it was colorfully decorated in a theme of Alice in Wonderland… which the month before was Valentines. I spoke with Gina McMurray (owner with Mary Beth Carey) and she stated that they do their best to recycle their window sets into the next; the hearts from Valentine’s day became the mushrooms for Alice. Next, they will be flipped and turned into jellyfish for an underwater scene.

As I poked my nose into their business further I learned than there was a lot of “green” here:

*Recycle all paper.

*Collect vases from customers to be reused .

*No chemicals are added to the flowers once they
arrive at the shop.

They are part of a delivery pool with other florists, in which they get together and swap deliveries that are closer to other florists(no sense in driving all the way to Farragut when they are downtown.)And they from time to time participate in a “Be Green to Save Green”, where all deliveries are on foot instead of truck!

Most of their flowers come from elsewhere, but the Gerber Daisies come from an Eco friendly farm. When they can and when requested, they use local flowers from their manager and designer, Liz Horton, who has her own greenhouse.

AND they contribute to the overall happiness of others with “Spread the Cheer Bouquet.” One location starts with a beautiful bouquet and is asked to enjoy the flowers for an hour or so and then put their name on the card, and pass the flowers along! What a great idea!

You can find them at and on twitter and facebook.

A little bit of happiness found in some flowers smells good!

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