Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day...

We're busy, busy getting ready for Valentine's day around here. We've got our windows dressed and some great new arrangments for this year. While we were working hard we thought of this top ten list of why we think folks should order early this year and take advantage of discounts for weekday deliveries!

10. You don't just love them on Feb. 14th

9. You can't wait to say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

8. So her co-workers will see how thoughtful you are

7. Set the mood with Friday Flowers

6. Deliver her from work with Flowers

5. Friday flowers are a passport to a romantic weekend!

4. An opportunity to play cubicle cupid

3. Avoid having to worry about forgetting

2. She can be the first one in the office to recieve a gift and be the envy of everyone

And the number 1 reason to is.... to take advantage of a better selection and better prices :-)

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